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Hello, my name is Paul O’Hearn. I am a recent transplant to NC by way of Newport R.I. I have been a fitness trainer for 25 years. I specialize in restoring mobility, function, balance, and strength. Contact me today at 401-255-4026, bokfitness@yahoo.com. I am available for at-home or in-gym appointments, focusing on sport-specific training (e.g., golf, running, equestrian, triathlon, cycling, tennis). Certified and insured.


“Paul is worth his weight in gold. His consistent ability to identify the source of a client’s issues: be it range of a golf swing, gate of a run, or other restriction, and work to alleviate the limitations is remarkable. I attribute much of the success of my best races to his healing methods.” 

– Katie, 55-year old runner with 97 marathon finishes including 14 Boston qualifiers

Body of Knowledge Fitness

Fitness is fun!

Pain-Free Mobility

“After 97 marathons and many people who helped with my aches & pains, I can say with full confidence that Paul was the best ‘go to’ healer I have ever encountered. He was always able to identify the root of the problem and work through the issue, allowing me to prevent injury. People can be trained, but Paul has an innate gift in his understanding of the human body.” – Katie G.


At-Home Training

“Paul O’Hearn was our personal trainer for more than 20 years. He is an amazingly broad and deep resource for health and fitness to follow to learn more. Beyond physical health and fitness, he has the innate drive and mental toughness of a champion and generously shares his competition-tested methods in a digestible form for those of us who like to compete at our own level.” – Jon P.

Hard work pays off!

In-Gym Training

“One of Paul’s greatest strengths is the ease with which he employs a broad variety equipment, techniques, and approaches to address any given need. He does this effortlessly as he moves through the gym, setting up complicated multi-component drills with ease.  No two of my workouts were ever the same.  I loved the ever-changing drills and challenges.” – Dorsey B.

“I confronted Paul with the challenge of making me into a sprinter. I am a tall, skinny-legged, middle-aged man, so this was going to be interesting! I had my doubts but Paul dove right in;  he analyzed my sport, my strengths and weaknesses, and developed a training regimen that delivered improvement in every area. Most of all, he kept me focused and motivated, and when all was said and done, I was a national champion!”

James Thieler, 2022 DN Ice Yacht North American Champion

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